AT-RS : The Professional Brake Technology Partner

Series-produced automotive brakes must meet a wide range of requirements in terms of durability, noise comfort, response, appearance and safety. These requirements are partly contradictory, which is why a series-produced brake can only ever be a compromise at a low level. Fortunately, more and more drivers are realizing how useful a purpose-oriented combination of discs and brake pads on their own vehicles actually can be.

As the focus of AT-RS is clearly on solutions for the sporty ambitious driver, the unusually large and varied product selection of AT-RS makes it possible for every customer to configure his brake according to his individual needs and his very own usage behaviour - be it for daily drivers, tuners, touring drivers, sports or racing pilots.

However, when assembling the appropriate brake components, our specialist consultants are available to every customer for all brake-related questions - whether for series replacements or racing setups. This is a decisive advantage for you as a customer, because the combination of brake components in terms of safety, technology, appearance and performance is a science of its own.

If you are looking for well-founded expert advice with first-class product selection, expertise, product knowledge and experience, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available to you personally in Niederkrüchten, by telephone on +49 (0) 21 63 / 94 99 840, as well as by e-mail or contact form below.

We are looking forward to assist you in configuring the optimal brake system for your needs.

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